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ranking summer comebacks (girl group edition)

ranking summer comebacks (girl group edition)

SEO TIPS 2019 – ranking summer comebacks (girl group edition)

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Watch ranking summer comebacks (girl group edition)

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ranking summer comebacks (girl group edition) Description and links


how old are you?: 18

which groups do you stan?: red velvet, bts, fromis_9, gfriend, twice, loona, everglow (my bias from each group in order, seulrene, namjoon, saerom, sinb, tzuyu, vivi, eu)

what editing software do you use?: imovie

do you have any other social media? –

#summercomebacks #girlgroups

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  1. Adios was so bad even worse than their debut song, i was expecting something A LOT better since everyone was hyping them and i disliked their debut song so i wanted to like it so bad but i was so disappointed 💀 anyways the real roty is itzy, the messy style they are going just works for them i wouldn't want them to change their concept, but i do agree that cherry is legit so good

  2. 5:27 i don't agree that people compare people literally say " ThEsE gRoUpS ARe GoinG to EnD bLaCkPiNk" and I kind of agree with adios and bon bon choco being similar to ktl and d4 respectively. And regarding itzy I also found their outfits were similar to most of the BP's outfit.. .

  3. Everything you said about icy is so true 😭😭it honestly just sounds like they mushed a bunch of shit together like (how I felt at first) sm did with Zimzalabim and I know they got a girl crush concept or whatever but….no. That song needed to be toned down and needed to be cut

  4. honestly I love overflow but sometimes I feel like debuting groups should wait to use backup dancers since it can take away from the groups proving or I guess showing off their talent individually.

  5. Well What can I say… I loved ICY, and the b-sides slay
    FUN, yeah also love this one, it makes me feel happy, didn't heard the album at all, but I like Love ram Pam Pam
    Birthday: Not my Cup of tea, never get to the end of this song
    Zimzalabim/Umpah Umpah: Bop to both of this songs
    Snapping: Just okay I guess….
    Fever: Cool song, dislike some parts, interesting choreo
    Adios: I bop to it sometimes, the sonority kinda annoys me, I can see y people compare to BP maybe it's about the structure(rap,rap,pre-chorus,chorus, etc.)
    Breaktrough/Happy Happy, SAY SAY DON'T GIVE UP

  6. ppl who don't like zimzalabim and umpah umpah are also the same people who think bad boy is red velvets best song so yeah i don't expect them to have good taste, don't get me wrong i absolutely love LOve LOVE bad boy but it is far away from being their best song like anyone who stans red velvet knows

  7. I am starting to believe I am the only one who liked Umpah umpah more than Zimzalabim. Actually I can't stand Zimzalabim. Sorry to the people who does but it's not my cup of tea.
    As for Twice I liked both Happy and Breakthrough. Twice's duality hit me hard.
    Icy was awful. Sorry.
    Snapping was a bop. Also chica is a masterpiece.
    Fever is out there snapping wigs. It's just such a summer and refreshing song, but it's not cute nor sexy. it's just amazing.
    As for Adios I am somewhere in between. I love the dance break but something just doesn's stick right with me.

    PS: Girrrrrl I am such a girl group trash as well and my ult is BTS and I can't stan any other boyband for that reason(even though I listen to some of their title tracks)

  8. I loved zimzalabim (even the styling) and umpah umpah so much, also you know that umpah umpah was decided on before the release of zimzalabim because there was a teaser in their album, a little ticket that said umpah umpah on

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