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FALLOUT 76 | CHANGES DEMANDED NOW! The Fans & Community Have Told Bethesda How To Fix The Game!

FALLOUT 76 | CHANGES DEMANDED NOW! The Fans & Community Have Told Bethesda How To Fix The Game!

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FALLOUT 76 | CHANGES DEMANDED NOW! The Fans & Community Have Told Bethesda How To Fix The Game! Description and links

Patch 11 once again put this game in the spotlight of criticism, and using its refounded popularity, the fans and community have laid out a simple list to Bethesda of what all needs to change, and what they have been begging for since the game’s release!


Fallout 76 – Original Main Theme

Fallout 4 Soundtrack Fan Made – Sanctuary Soundtrack MOD – Musical Lore

Part Of Transcript:
With patch 11 released a little while ago, Bethesda once again went into full panic mode as the news of their massive mess up spread across the internet like wildfire being covered by almost every youtuber, and even most gaming websites! While I enjoy fallout 76’s nuclear winter mode, and do enjoy the adventure mode when with friends, I still think the game has a long way to go before fully realizing its potential. And don’t get me wrong, this game has a ton of potential and the actual world of fallout 76 is one of my favorite environments yet. However, no matter how much content Bethesda pumps into the game, you have to fix the bugs, glitches, and gameplay issues as those are the core foundations of the game. Without a strong foundation, the extra content that serves as the structures on top of the foundations, will fall and break. The community of this game truly is one of the best communities I’ve ever seen, without an almost scary amount of friendly and welcoming people in the subreddit, its almost unnatural I’m used to much more toxicity and negativity from most game communities, but this community that truly loves the game and has posted constructive feedback every day, has not been heard, and Bethesda has not listened to their feedback or fixed many of the games fundamental issues. With this recent rise in the game’s popularity again, thanks to the negative press wave unleashed by patch 11, the player base has now made a post of issues or changes in the game that need to happen now.

This post has been upvoted over 1800 times and is one of the most popular post on the subreddit. It was posted by LudSmash and titled
“Let me sum up everything I see everyday on here for you Bethesda, from us your fanatic gaming community.”
The post reads
“In no particular order these are what the community continually ask for/talk about week after week:
• Energy Weapon Buffs and Perks
• Increased C.A.M.P. Budget
• Remove the Drill from Legendary loot pool -or make a legendary variant of it-
• New Music or at very least a DJ host
• Stop Nerfing things that don’t need nerfed -talking about you handmade drum magazine-
• Make Power Armor a more viable armor compared to legendaries
• An underground player home/bunker separate from the C.A.M.P.
• Stop making us jump when connecting wires
• Buff chainsaws -they look cool-
• Fix Discover Locals Challenges -and the other bugged ones-
• Flamer is still unusable for material cost to create fuel
• Remove the Top 3 placements on the map for Survival Mode
• BoS/ Enclave Skins and items
• Allow purified water for cooking
• A deny selling button for those that request something you are not selling
• The RNG of .068% on drops from area specific quests -that’s you plasma grenade plans-
• A pop up for major group specific related events for Arktos Pharma, Free Range, etc..
• Better visuals of Atomic shop items -whoever takes the pictures for the shop should be fired, sorry not sorry-
• A test server -no adventure mode and survival mode aren’t the test servers-
• And finally not one person needed a damn light bulb change in the Watoga High Bathroom
If half of these of the list are done, you would please a much larger portion of your community and maybe -just maybe- we wouldn’t jump down your throats when you have a bad patch

EDIT: Allow me to add some more that I forgot that we see here on the regular
• A perk card load out -modders have already figured this one out come on-
• A working social menu -it’s an online game-
• Fast travel mats at C.A.M.P.
• Open text chat
• Fix Legendary creature disappearing after you kill them but before you loot them
• Stories of high-level players helping low level players


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  1. Hey all just wanted to keep you all posted on the community's ongoing conversation with Bethesda, well mostly a one-sided conversation since Bethesda isn't listening or responding, and how the community and most loyal fans have compiled a nice list for Bethesda to use and how most of these issues are ones that have been brought up since beta.. Now I still enjoy aspects of Fallout 76 but I haven't played it as much as some of their fans who have put hundreds of hours into the game, so for their sake I hope the team in charge of 76's post-launch realizes that the game needs these changes before the addition fo more DLC.

  2. Great points. Nice review on the patch and on Fallout, and good highlights of issues. Thanks for sharing.

    <><><> For the Fallout Series, the Lore is very important, and so are continuous improvements to plausible lore and art of story-telling, and role of playing by immersion. — Those aspects can give the player comfort, expectations, and challenges to the player / character, and give realism to the questions of: Are you creative in ways to survive and to evolve for pursuits of freedom? Are you able to figure new ways to fight for freedom? <><> If there are too many superficial aspects entered into the game series without explanations, or without plausible mystery, or without plausible lore, then it can cause major issues to the lore and logic of Fallout.

    LORE IS IMPORTANT: In Fallout Universe, the Canon of Fallout Lore seems to be allowed to some plausible changes (by developers and most fans) ; to evolve, and it can improve at most any time with plausible exceptions. For example, it seems advantageous for it to converge, diverge, to correct, and to merge as needed, and “to correct” into the “true lore” as needed with more “iconic” and “ironic real world lessons” of associated original themes, technology, and geopolitical news into many aspects of the Fallout series. In a recent example, it seems like Fallout 76 (FO 76) is largely evolving, but has a blurry and “out of focus” broad splintered story. And definitely, need major "improvements" to FO 76, and to not allow any shallow gimmicks; not any bad writing; and not any “pay to win methods”.

    POSSIBLE LORE ISSUES: For example of possible lore issues, in the new play type in FO 76, of the new Battle Royale, there should be an option to overtake or conquer the "Special Vault Computer Antagonist Manipulator" who apparently controls the environment and can see everything. This over the top scenario can possibly be "highly problematic" to the immersion of the Fallout Lore and Logic, IF it is not plausible, and IF it is not given enough role playing options that make sense for the original themes of Fallout Lore and Goals. For example, normally, the context of Fallout it is vastly different than the game, Fortnite. In Fallout, the player is expected to be immersed in realistic drama (of science fiction context), so is a player / character expected to be so gullible in the game to easily volunteer for a fight to the death? For example, is the
    Fallout Series primarily about the overarching story and plausible logic within science fiction of certain assumptions? An intelligent player / character should be given the option (i.e. role player game (RPG) ) to try in taking over the computer artificial intelligence (A.I.) instead of blindly going into a fight to the death, since a more intelligent player can realize the computer is being manipulative and possibly being controlled by higher level faction, or maybe aliens (i.e. bizarre fantasy – plausible lore). And an option should be for the player to try taking the computer over either alone, or work with others in the multiplayer game mode. <><><><><>

    ART OF BLENDING ELEMENTS: Hopefully, improvements are made in game storytelling overall, and much more in the Fallout series. Within the art of "Story-Telling", there are fine literature arts, mindfulness, and skills of imagery and subtle references that are of particularly important in the universe of Fallout, just as in the genres of science fiction and the blending real world drama with future predictions. For another example in all of the Fallout games, it may help to have more
    ironic real world lessons into some aspects of the Fallout series such as real life tech advances like hover boards, remote drones, surveillance devices; neural networks; and also social issues like freedom resistance protests in Hong Kong; protests in certain regions in Russia, in Middle East, and the various cultural issues and factions in USA, and so on. Important to remember there are often fine arts, patience, skills, and creative energy to the blending of various aspects in immersion, role playing, science, human emotions, pursuits of freedom, current events, fears, hopes, joys and thought provoking imagery.

    LESSONS FROM FALLOUT: Although it may be obvious, lessons can be earned by pondering lore aspects in the Fallout series in future games / simulations, and it can help the overall entertainment. But, to sustain the lessons, immersion and plausible lore is needed. For example, it would be interesting to have more realism of battle, and so maybe need more mods / fixes so the characters/players can lose fingers, legs, arms, eyes, consciousness, hearing and so on like real life battles, and then have to deal with those injuries during game play / simulations. That alone, can help immersion, the issues of
    sacrifice, true survival, and game play for all the Fallout series and give many more options in how the games play out, and different options of game progression. And should be able to hear screams of pain and agony from some NPC, and be able to see large pools of blood, and scorched skin. Also, need more realistic options of more realistic chaos, like seeing other NPC or players injured, or partially naked during battle due to chaos. For example, a player can keep fighting even if you have just one arm, or are blind, or just have one leg, and possibly gain experience points if keep fighting while seriously injured. And if you have a multi-player mode game, your player can still be useful, if you have an ally that can pull you out of danger to take you to hospital to fix you up, and put on prosthetic(s) on you like a new arm or leg, so you can come back to fight, or maybe to help build a fort.

    COMBINING CURRENT CULTURE REFERENCES (Science Fiction): Ideally for any Fallout game need plausible creative lore
    & culture references. Example is like a new event occurring in an outside amphitheater (or like drive in) being made by either robots or mysterious vault overseer that has mission to play oddball movies and music videos of various types, or by player choice, like Pip Boy instructions, or movies like Bruce Lee moves, Plan 9 From Outer Space , 1984, the Postman, Lord of the Flies, freedom resistance protests from Hong Kong; the movie, They Live; and so on. NOTE: This idea of outside amphitheater could be later like an embedded media platform within the game (sort of like the radio channels) to play music, or videos, or text messages in which the developers could maybe make money or donations that is more acceptable than the “pay to win” methods.

    FUTURE FALLOUT GAME / SIMS: Eventually, in the future of Fallout series, possibly say in Fallout 5 or Fallout X, (maybe in a better FO 76) there could be cybernetics and bionics, that can allow you to keep in the fight, and likely the environment is going to be enhanced with new hover craft, and better equipped work benches, and probably better remodeled vaults. In and future efforts, the whole true plausible lore needs to be considered, and new historical finds, can help create more realistic immersive details and good lore. We are still hoping that more important aspects can be creatively merged, lore converged, and detailed enhanced into the Fallout series. Ideally, it would be nice to see Fallout Series like an Advanced Minecraft Platform that allows considerable creative development by player that is focused on freedom and survival in the context of Fallout themes and lore. And, ideally, any type of Atomic Shop is very rarely used, or for only very special items of "high worth".

    MULTIPLAYER OPTIONS NEEDED: For the multiplayer modes of Fallout such as in Fallout 76, need the ability to make formal alliances, or to take prisoners;and need option to resist the manipulations of the Vault 51 Computer Artificial Intelligence and to avoid fighting to the death, and find a way to overthrow the Vault 51’s Computer, and to take over Vault 51 By Individual Effort, or By Team Effort With Other Human Players Working Together. –

    FEEDBACK FOR FALLOUT IMPROVEMENTS: Is there an official channel or drop box to get ideas to developers? Can you share this with other fans of Fallout Series, or with the remaining “good factions” of developers for Fallout? Can we work together to help save the good plausible lore and quality intelligent story focus, and for the Meme supply from the Fallout series? Can we save the planet for the pursuit of immersive freedom?

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