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How I got my website ranking Google (First Page)

Using SEO to rank on Googles first page is difficult, but in the post, I talk about how I got my website ranking Google

Ok, so firstly, how I got my website ranking on Google, wasn’t easy. It is important to remember that there are millions, and I mean millions, of other publishers, content creators and bloggers, also competing for the #1 rank on Google.

my website ranking google - How to use SEO to Rank on Google (First Page)

Google’s well know ‘Algorithm’ makes it extremely difficult to get my website ranking on Google, especially when it is CONSTANTLY being changed, pretty much daily!

That being said, there are measures, tips and best practices you can use, to rank #1 on Google and in this post I will share them with you!

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BEST SEO METHODS that helped get my website ranking Google

Ok, lets get straight into. Theres are my tips to rank number 1 on Google. There will be MANY posts online giving the best tips that are accurate, however there are some I read, that could not be further from the truth.

The below should be the absolute focus, they are the tips I used to get my website ranking Google #1.


This is not an overnight thing. if you want to rank #1 on Google, you need time, before anything else. You need to be prepared to invest a-lot of time into your blog or content. Sometime’s I start writing a blog post, and finish it the next day – but that’s ok! it means that you are making real, knowledgeable and unique content, that isn’t rushed!

Alot of blog creators are under the impression, that picking a niche, and using a wordpress plugin to ‘auto publish posts’ from other websites, and adding some keywords in will help rank on Google.

This is not the case.

If you really want to make money online in 2019, and I mean, REALLY make money, then you need to take your time in writing valuable, unique, engaging, and informative content.

Google’s algorithm will know if you have copied content from another site, which will help the original post rank even higher with backlinks and domain authority.

Take your time, don’t rush your content, use your knowledge and experience in your niche to share best practice, and personalise your content – make it engaging!


Do what you are good at, and share what you enjoy!

If you want to rank on Google, your viewers will need to learn from you. Each visitor who comes to your website, is there because they have the same interests as you, or they want to learn about something you know about.

If you are a lover of music, and have made many songs, why would you write a website about skin products? Even though, many people create websites and blogs in the health Niche, because it contains high paying keywords, and they believe their website will make money from it, 9 times out of 10 they will fail – this is because they have no knowledge of health products, have copied content from other websites, and the result is their NEW health website, that was built to make money, completely flops, because their content suggests the publisher has no experience.

Take your hobby, passion, interests, and SHARE IT!

Try to ‘drill down’ on specific areas of your Niche. What I mean by this, is if you are a piano player, rather than blog about music that contains pianos, specifically drill down on your skills and knowledge of piano’s, like the keys, notes, how to play etc. Many of your viewers will want to learn, so make your content educational. Tutorials, how to’s and guides are the best content to make in your blog. This will help your website rank on Google because the readers will be actively searching and researching how to do something.

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SEO FORMAT (Title, Keywords, Permalink, Description)

This is SUPER important in my website ranking Google. Your page title MUST contain your keywords.

Keywords are ‘search terms’ that should be used in your content.

You can find the CPC value and search volumes of different keywords by using Google Keyword Planner Tool. Use the planner tool, to find keywords related to your blog, post, or niche, and build your content using these keywords, which will help ranking for these search terms – this is because Google will see your post is aimed around the search terms your viewers are actively searching.

Your page Title will show you in your websites Header.php – this is a script that is shown at the top of each page of your site. If you are using WordPress, you can find the Header.php in Appearance > Theme Editor > header.php – but DON’T WORRY ABOUT THIS!

Download Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress which will help guide your through the setup, and when writing posts, at the bottom of each page, you can customise the posts SEO data, which will include Titles, search appearance, featured image and so much more.

Watch how to setup Yoast SEO

Below is a snapshot of my Yoast SEO settings for this exact post, using the keywords ‘My website ranking google‘ for SEO.

my website ranking google

As you can see, I have used the keywords at the start of the Title, permalink (URL) and Description.

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